A Deeper Look at the Exceptional Hong Kong Street Photography of Fan Ho

Two months ago we featured the work of Fan Ho, a Chinese photographer who spent much of his life documenting the streets of Hong Kong. His photographs were, to put it lightly, a hit with everybody who saw them. Strong composition and an incredible understanding of light (if you’ll allow the pun) shone through in every frame.

Today, we get to go a little bit deeper thanks to the show The Art of Photography, who recently took a closer look at Fan Ho’s work, taking the time to point out what it is that sets his images apart from the many others out there.

After receiving request upon request to go over Fan Ho’s work, Ted Forbes, the man behind The Art of Photography, finally gave in and decided to take a dive into the work of the prominent street photographer.


Over the course of the eighteen minute video, Forbes breaks down Fan Ho’s work, mentioning every intricate detail of Ho’s compositions, many of which you might gloss over or not consciously notice when you view his images.

Whether for inspiration or to take notes, the video is well worth the watch, even if all you want to do is revisit the work of one of the most talented street photographers we’ve ever had the honor of featuring. Press play and enjoy.