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Watch Limited Edition Fine Art Prints Sawed to Pieces After an Exhibition



If you love fine art photography, or are a big fan of Alexia Sinclair‘s work, this is definitely not a video for you. After exhibition her wonderful “A Frozen Tale” series, the Skoklosters slott museum did what every museum has to do after exhibition limited edition prints: they hacked them to pieces.

The difference here is that Skoklosters slott attached a camera onto the saw so you could see the horror for yourself.

The prints were destroyed as assurance that they would not be reused, reproduced or sold, and Sinclair herself commented on the video through her Facebook:

Like we said, if you’re a fan, this is probably not the video for you. Then again… Halloween is right around the corner. Think of this as a very literal, photographer’s version of SAW.

To find our more about the beautiful photography that was destroyed in the video above, check out our coverage of the series from when it was first released, or visit Sinclair’s own blog post here.

(via ISO 1200)