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Top 5 Film Camera and Lens Combos You Can Get for Under $1,000


There are plenty of resources out there for the best digital cameras you can get for under *insert dollar amount here*, but what if you’re looking to invest in a good old fashioned film camera?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered — or rather, Bellamy Hunt from JapanCameraHunter has you covered — with this list of the top 5 film camera and lens combos you can get for under $1,000 USD.

When it comes to knowing the film camera options out there, you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody better suited to give advice than Hunt. His popular blog features film camera after film camera and his knowledge base is, in a word, mind-boggling.

So, with all this knowledge under his belt, what does the camera hunter himself recommend you buy in this episode of ‘AnalogRev’?


According to Hunt, your best choices are as follows:

  • Top Rangefinder: The Contax G2 — Fantastic fully-electronic rangefinder with some of the best lenses out there. Just make sure you get a good one… cause it can’t be repaired.
  • Top SLR: The Nikon F3 — Super cheap, this pro camera has every setting you might want to tweak, a light meter and (not all versions) weather sealing.
  • Top Compact: The Contax T2 — A ‘tank’ of a compact camera… which is good, because like the G2, it can’t be serviced.
  • Top Medium Format: The Pentax 67 — This beast won’t go easy on your wrists or your ears (extremely loud shutter… not a subtle thing) but you get ‘a lot of camera for your money.’
  • Last Recommendation: Pretty Much Any Nikon Rangefinder — A bit vague, but everything from the quality of the cameras to the quality of the lenses that go with them is great.

You can dive much deeper into these recommendations and see the lenses that Hunt decided on to go with them by clicking play up top. And once you’re done, we’re curious: What would YOUR top five film camera recommendations (with a lens) under $1,000 be? Let us know in the comments.