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Delkin Debuts ‘World’s Most Rugged’ SD Cards that are ‘Virtually Unbreakable’



If you or the environments you tend to shoot in are extremely tough on your SD cards, and you’ve not yet been able to find a line that can stand up to the beatings you give it, then you might want to check out the new BLACK line of SD cards from Delkin.

Labeled the ‘world’s most rugged’ photography SD memory cards, Delkin claims the BLACK line is waterproof, dustproof, extreme temperature resistant and ‘virtually unbreakable.’

Delkin can make these impressive claims thanks to a proprietary injection mold technology and innovative materials they use to make the cards. This combination, according to their site, makes the cards, “significantly stronger and far less breakable than standard SD cards in bend/pressure tests,” as well as making them, “dust, water, and shock-proof.”

The cards are also said to “perform flawlessly in environments ranging from -40C to 85C.”

As Delkin’s Marketing Director, Anna Lopez, explains in the press release:

From the Arctic to the Sahara, and even through your washing machine, the unique design enables Delkin BLACK cards to perform through hazardous environments and remain totally usable without experiencing any data loss.

So how confident is Delkin in the durability of its new cards? Well, they’re also debuting a new 48 hour, no-questions-asked replacement policy. Simply give them a call if any of your cards fails or is destroyed, and they’ll send you a replacement within 48 hours.

This replacement policy covers all kinds of damage, including pets, children, gum in the pocket, salt exposure, and more. Along with your replacement card, you’ll receive a pre-paid envelop for sending in your damaged card.


We’re not sure how many photographers will need this much ruggedness in their memory cards, but if you do, the 32, 64 and 128GB cards are now available for you to purchase at authorized camera stores in the US and Europe (they’re not sold online).

No word on price is anywhere to be found, but if you want to find out more about these cards, head over to the Delkin BLACK landing page by clicking here.

(via Imaging Insider)