This Kit Makes Multi-Object Motion Control and Capture Easy

You've probably seen elaborate scenes in commercials where the camera will be moving forward while light changes and a hamburger comes flying together, right? Usually, these moves are very complicated, but this company wants to make it simple with a connected and modular smart system.

Stop-Motion Parkour: A Dizzying Parkour Fight Scene Done Entirely in Stop-Motion

The guys behind the popular YouTube channel Corridor Digital are not Parkour masters. They'll never be captured on camera majestically leaping impossible distances because... well... they can't.

But as you can see from the video above, a little bit of stop-motion photography is all they need to bridge the gap between Parkour amateur, and Parkour master.

New Stop-Motion Technology Eliminates the Need for Complex Rigs

An interesting new video-based interface technology developed in Hong Kong promises to make stop-motion animation more accessible to beginners, while making it that much easier for the pros as well.

It doesn't have an official name, but when used in combination with traditional techniques, the new interface could help take your stop-motion animation to the next level.

LightPlot: A Robotic Arm That Creates Animated Light Paintings

The photos that went into the animation above were all created in-camera using software and a robotic arm programmed before hand with predetermined patterns. The project, known as LightPlot, started as an NXT Lego experiment in stop-motion photography by Ben Cowell-Thomas. He wanted to create a motion control rig for stop-motion using NXT, but as he was looking through some light painting projects online, he began to wonder how he could turn his lego project into a light painting rig.