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Adobe Acquires Aviary, Will Push Mobile Photo Editing to New Heights

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Huge acquisition news just broke in the world of photography: the photo editing company/suite Aviary has been acquired by the imaging and design giant Adobe for an undisclosed amount. Together, they hope to make the world of mobile editing a more connected and capable place for creative professionals.

Aviary’s editing suite is at the heart of many mobile applications (Flickr, for example) and Peggs used the post to give a small glimpse into how the Aviary SDK (software development kit) behind these apps will help improve Adobe’s ecosystem and add to the Creative SDK Adobe launched in private beta in June:

Many people are familiar with our self-titled photo apps […] But the platform that’s powering these apps behind the scenes has always been the largest part of our efforts. It also forms the backbone of a free SDK that we offer to third-party developers.

Already, our teams are brainstorming on things that we can accomplish together. We will continue to support and enhance Aviary’s SDK as part of Adobe’s broader Creative SDK offering. While ensuring no interruption to Aviary’s developer community, or their apps’ users, we plan to add additional components and services for developers to incorporate — such as the ability to save creations to Creative Cloud in Adobe file formats, access Photoshop technology, and connect creativity across devices using the Creative SDK.


Adding to that sentiment is Scott Belsky, vice president of Creative Cloud Ecosystem & Behance at Adobe, who said in the official press release:

Aviary has an exceptional team and technology platform, as well as expertise serving a robust developer ecosystem. We’re thrilled to leverage Aviary’s technology to make our Creative SDK even more powerful for app developers. This is great news for developers because thousands of mobile apps will have the opportunity to become compatible with industry-defining desktop tools like Photoshop CC, as well as new Creative Cloud services.

Adobe believes that the potential of mobile technology is still largely untapped for creative professionals, and the acquisition of Aviary promises to help create a more robust, connected mobile photo editing world with Adobe at the center.

To read more about the acquisition from both sides of the negotiating table, head over to the Aviary Blog, check out the official press release, or read Scott Belsky’s own blog post.

(via Gizmodo)

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