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BTS Look at ‘The Farmers’ of Western America and the Importance of Faces in Portraiture


Tyler Stableford is a fine art photographer who recently spend a few months traveling across the United States, in collaboration with Canon, to create a portrait series and accompanying video titled The Farmers.

The seven minute long behind-the-scenes video, produced by Canon, takes a look at how Stableford approaches portrait photography. He offers his knowledge and experience on the matter, giving us an inside look at how he captures photographs that truly display the soul and spirit of the subject matter.


He explains what he considers the most important part of a portrait, the face. Of course, this may seem obvious, but Stableford elaborates a bit more on the matter, saying in the video,

Even if we’re in a beautiful area, a person’s face is so important to me, I’m always thinking ‘How shallow can I bring this depth of field,’ because I want the viewer to connect immediately and intimately to the subject and the subject’s face and eyes.

Considering his travels were supported by Canon, the video certainly comes across as quite a commercial for Canon. In it, they show off Stableford’s gear, which includes a Canon 1D X, Canon 5D Mark III and even a Canon 1D C. Canon’s large format iPF8400 printer also makes a cameo.

Commercializaition aside, the video gives and inspirational and informative look at how Stableford sees the world and his subjects through his camera(s). You can check out more of his work by visiting his website, here.