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ZEISS Officially Announces Loxia Line of Lenses for Full-Frame E-Mount Cameras



After a week packed with photo and info leaks about this mysterious line of lenses, ZEISS officially pulled the cover off of its Loxia line of manual focus lenses for the Sony full-frame E-Mount a7, a7R and a7S cameras.

“Tradition meets modernity,” that’s how Christophe Casenave, Product Manager with ZEISS Camera Lenses, describes the new Loxia line… and that’s not a bad way of putting it.

On the ‘tradition’ side is the ability to work entirely in ‘manual,’ using the markings on the sturdy, weather-sealed, metal lens barrel to set your focus and aperture as you would like. There’s even a provided tool you can use to mechanically ‘de-click’ the aperture for filmmaking purposes.

On the ‘modern’ side of things is the fact that these lenses were designed to work with the digital sensors and electronic viewfinders found in Sony’s a7, a7R and a7S. An electronic interface sends lens EXIF data to the camera, and recognizes focus movements so you can use the camera’s magnifier function.


“These lenses have been designed for photographers who enjoy shooting spontaneous scenes,” says Casenave in a ZEISS blog post, “but without giving away the work of composing the image to the camera.”

As of today, there are two Loxia options for Sony FE users who want to get in on the ZEISS action: a 35mm f/2 and a 50mm f/2. The 50mm will be available worldwide in October for $950 USD, while the 35mm will arrive at the end of the fourth quarter (in time for Christmas?) for $1,300 USD.

For more detailed info on the lenses, or if you’d like to see sample images taken with both options, head over to the ZEISS blog by clicking here.