swivelCard: A Shape-Shifting USB Business Card That Lets You Share Your Photo Portfolio in Style


Looking for a slick and unique way to share your contact info and photo portfolio with prospective clients? Check out the swivelCard, a transforming business card that doubles as a USB drive when you fold it a certain way.


The swivelCard isn’t just a bulky plastic card that has ordinary USB components built in. The company calls it a “smart business card”: it’s the result of a special patented technique that allows ordinary paper to be used as a USB drive.




Each card has a unique ID that points to a particular webpage on the Internet — your online portfolio, Dropbox account, or social media pages, for example.

A built-in analytics system allows you to keep track of when and where your cards are being viewed, down to individual cards. Want to see whether a particular person plugged in the card? Just look it up by card ID.

You can even make changes to the destination recipients are taken to after the cards are given out. For example, you can direct prospective clients to your online portfolio when you first meet them. Later on, after you’re hired, you can use the same card to direct them to online proofs.

The company is currently accepting preorders over on Kickstarter, where the campaign has already exceeded its $10,000 funding goal. Here’s the promo video:

Each swivelCard set contains 200 cards (of one of 8 premade designs), and can be reserved with a contribution of $259.



Want a custom design? You’ll need to shell out $419+ for that.

In addition to the standard card, the company will also be releasing a smaller one called the swivelCard Mini. These have the same functionality as its older brother, but they come with a more compact form factor and feature adhesive that allows you to stick them to surfaces.



swivelCard aims to begin shipping out cards to supporters sometime in October 2014.

(via Kickstarter via Gizmodo)