Photo Tip: Do This to Get Way Better Portraits When You Ask a Stranger to Take Your Picture

How to have strangers frame pictures properly

Asking a stranger on the street to take your picture often leaves you shaking your head afterwards. That’s because, for some reason, most people seem to think the ideal portrait has you standing smack in the middle of the frame.

To solve this problem, photographer and Reddit user EMDX has come up with a very useful and simple little tip.

Before you hand your camera to the stranger, set your camera to spot-focus, put the focus dot where you want your face to be in the composition, and then tell the person taking your picture to, “put the dot on my face.”

That way, instead of the picture above, you get this:

How to have strangers frame pictures properly

It’s simple but effective. You know your face is what the camera will be focusing on, and you will no longer be centered in the frame.

Image credits: Photographs by EMDX and used with permission