GoPro Solves Mystery of How Kid Lost His Dad’s $1,000 DSLR

This 1-minute video was captured by a road-tripping group of friends who stuck a GoPro out a car window while driving down a road in Vermont. It’s also a video that accidentally captures how one of the kids lost his dad’s $1,000 DSLR.

“On our way back, we were pretty hungry, so we decided to satisfy our hunger at McDonald’s,” writes the Redditor TeaWap. “Before all of us five got back in my 2013 Mazda, we asked a stranger to take a typical souvenir group picture of us. Once the picture was taken, we jumped in the car and flew back home.”

A couple of hours later, after arriving home, TeaWap reached into his backpack to grab his Dad’s camera to share the group shot with his friends. But it wasn’t there.

“I spend the next two hours searching everywhere for it, but nothing,” he writes. “I was pretty shocked, as I remembered having the camera in my hands after we took that group picture.”

Then, days later, his friend sent him the GoPro footage above, which was captured a minute after the group left McDonald’s. Lo and behold, the DSLR can be seen in the video…


“Yeah… I unknowingly left the camera on the roof of my car and the wind blew it off,” TeaWap writes. “Some people forget coffees on top of their car, but I forget cameras.”