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Photographer Notebooks for Conveniently Recording Your Film Photos’ Metadata



Digital cameras naturally present us with a number of advantages, among them the oft-overlooked inclusion of detailed information about how (and often where) the photographs we captured, otherwise known as metadata.

Analog shooters don’t have this luxury. We usually resort to either forgoing it completely, scratching down notes with whatever pen and paper we have handy, or utilizing an application created for this purpose. That’s where a new notebook designed by Ilott Vintage comes in.

It’s called the Photographer’s Notebook, and it will probably make your ‘to buy’ list if you’re a frequent film photographer.


These blue, pocket-sized notebooks contain a total of 32 pages, each with a photography-specific outline on the inside. They offer fields to document the date, film speed, lighting conditions, aperture, shutter speed, light value (LV), and also the subject for rolls of film in 12, 24, and 36 exposure varieties.

Also included is a conveniently placed table of LVs and summary of key lighting conditions in the back of the notebook.


A two-pack of these notebooks will set you back $12, which isn’t cheap, but some of you analog junkies might find them a worthwhile investment.

(via Reddit)