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Mirage App is Ephemeral Photo Messaging from the Creators of Mobli


Today, Mobli, a mobile app maker known for its ridiculous Yo application, has launched a new photo-messaging app called Mirage. Hoping to take away some of the ephemeral messaging marketshare of Snapchat, Mirage takes a minimalistic approach to sending and receiving self-destructing messages.

To send a picture, a simple tap on the icon of a contact will snap a photo. To send a video, you press down on the contact’s icon and the video recording will begin.

What sets apart Mirage from the barrage of competitors is the ability to send these messages to people without the app. Utilizing the standard SMS protocols, Mirage will deliver the message and add your most used contacts once synced with your phone number.


Learning from their borderline social engineering experiment app Yo, the Mobli team has realized the simpler you make an app, the better it is. And while we don’t always appreciate the boiling down of complexity, there are times when it truly shines. Mirage looks to be one of the shining cases.

Will Mirage be able to make even a dent in the user base of Snapchat? Only time can tell. What we do know is self-destructing communication is in and Mirage is just a drop in the bucket of companies looking to reap a harvest.

Mirage is available in both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store

(via VentureBeat)