Play Around with Refocusable Images from Pelican Imaging’s ‘Light Field’ Camera for Smartphones


With each passing day, it seems as though light field photography (and its imitators) is becoming more and more ubiquitous. Patents here, rumors there, it’s a conglomeration of what is very likely the next frontier in photography.

And this past week, Pelican Images published a collection of online 3D viewer images captured with its thin light field camera that might be making its way into mobile devices soon.


In an almost identical fashion to how Lytro’s online viewers work, the examples Pelican Images shared on its site offer up native parallax and the post-capture focusing ability, bringing the images to life.

But the exciting part is how thin and capable the technology used to capture these images is. More than thin enough for mobile devices, the nifty multi-sensor module doesn’t need to snap a burst of pictures like the software-based imitators, making it a versatile option (it can even shoot video) that will fit in well with that versatile device in your pocket.

If you’d like to play around with the full set of examples Pelican shared, you can do so by clicking here. Note: you’ll be needing WebGL capabilities in your browser for the image viewer to work, so the gallery won’t display properly on many mobile devices.

(via Image Sensors World)