Pelican Launches Line of Protective Camera Lens Covers

Pelican, a company known for making high performance hard-shell protective cases for a range of tasks, has partnered with CM Brands to launch a new “Pelican Outdoor” collection, which features new silicone-based rugged lens protectors.

The lens cover launch comes alongside several other new products for the Outdoor series including new sleeping pads, blankets, and field packs. The company says the new line is inspired by feedback from Pelican customers, soldiers, first responders, “weekend warriors,” and outdoorsmen.

CM Brands says that the Pelican Outdoor rugged collection offers the highest quality outdoor products for the modern-day adventurer. The company further states that the mission of the line is to provide premium, functional, and rugged outdoor equipment with no compromises.

The 25A grade silicone lens covers (which signifies the silicone is the softest in the range silicone can come in) will supposedly fit most professional lenses ranging from 56mm to 120mm in diameter — the cap dimensions are 2.75 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches (or 7 x 7 x 5 centimeters) and weigh 0.08 pounds. The company says that the covers provide a secure weather-sealing fit protecting from water, dust, and dirt as well as minor impact absorption. CM Brands also says that the silicone material makes the lens covers easy to pack up in small spaces for easy traveling.

The company says these new lens covers are specifically engineered and designed to protect every lens a photographer might own using the highest quality materials, crafted with premium construction.

“This silicone lens fits most pro-level camera lenses on the market. The high density and elastic silicone will keep your lens covered when it comes to dirt, moisture, scratches, and collisions, offering complete protection ensuring your gear is ready for your next adventure,” the company writes.

It is worth noting that these new Pelican silicon lens covers are quite similar in both design and pricing to the KUVRD Micro and Magnum lens covers that were released over a year ago.

The new rugged lens covers are available from the Pelican store for $25 and in one of two colors: “stealth black” or “coyote.”