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This Couple’s Shared Passion for Photography Extended Beyond the Grave


Get the tissues ready, because this one is aiming right for the feels. Tucked away within a documentary on the history of Japanese cameras, this touching story of Yoko and Minoru Tanaka took us completely unawares.

We thought we were watching a mildly interesting and informative documentary… as it turns out, it was much more than that.

You see, Yoko and Minoru were amateur photographers whose passion for photography helped them to cope with an illness that, ultimately, took Minoru’s life. After his death, Yoko couldn’t bring herself to touch a camera… until the day she found a gift that Minoru had left her — a gift from beyond the grave.


The story goes on from there, and since we couldn’t possibly do it justice in text, we’ll allow you to watch it for yourself. Click play above to skip straight to the relevant section of the 27-minute documentary, and be prepared for it to get really dusty in your office all of a sudden…

(h/t WhatGodMeantToSay)