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Video: How to Effectively Capture Realistic-Looking HDR Images


There are many of us who sigh at hearing the dreaded acronym, HDR. Oftentimes we associate it with oversaturated, cartoon-like compositions put together from half a dozen worth of frames. But that’s not the only way to approach HDR. As with everything, it’s a variable, not definitive.

In the above video, Washington DC-based photographer Tim Cooper shows off how to effectively capture an HDR image. And he does so in such a manner that it replicates what the human eye sees, without over-processing as we all too often see.

Realistic HDR

In the seven minute video, Cooper starts off by briefly introducing what HDR photography is and what purpose it serves. From there, he details what it is you’re trying to capture across the multiple frames you’ll be taking for the final HDR composition. He concludes by going over a number of examples, first showing the two initial images, then explaining how they come together to create the final composition.

What he leaves you with is an image that is HDR by all definition, but looks far more natural than the HDR images you might commonly see. It might not be a video for the more advance among HDR photography, but it’s a wonderful resource for those who have just started or are looking to get into it.

If you’d like to see the full lecture, provided by B&H, you can check out, here.

(via Reddit)