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Presentation Offers Solid Composition Tips and Examples for Street Photographers


Erik Kim is one of the best-known street photographers out there, today. In his continues efforts to shoot and share, Kim has put out the full presentation he used in his Introduction to Composition for Street Photography talk at Gulf Photo Plus 2014.


The 136-slide presentation is full of definitive examples and helpful illustrations for breaking down the composition of a photograph. Kim goes through the basic ‘rules,’ such as leading lines and the rule of thirds, but towards the end, the slideshow dives into more intricate framing techniques, blending together and breaking the ‘rules’ we’ve all come to know.

If some of these images and illustrations look familiar to you, it’s because many, if not all of them, are taken from his 13-part series he’s shared on his blog. For those of you just wanting a quick summary and visual, this presentation is a wonderful little resource. But if you’d like some auxiliary material, we highly suggest you head on over to his blog and take a look at the list of individual lessons he’s created.

Introduction to Composition for Street Photography Presentation [Eric Kim Photography via Reddit]