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Infographic Reveals the 30 Most Influential Photographers Across the Web



More so than just about any other form of content, the Internet lives and breathes images. So it’s only natural photographers — and photography as a whole — have an inherit grasp on exploiting the networking, publishing and sharing capabilities the World Wide Web has to offer.

There’s also no denying that some have learned to exploit it better than others, and so WiFi SD Card Maker EyeFi teamed up with marketing agency Evolve! to find out who the 30 most influential photographers across social media are. And while many of the names on the list are obvious, some might surprise you.

After doing all of the heavy lifting, the team took their results and packed them into the handy infographic you see below, showing off each photographer and where they can be found on Twitter, Instagram and the Web.


In addition to the infographic, the Eyefi team put together a public Twitter list that will enable you to follow all thirty of these top photographers with a single click. Pretty convenient if you want to super-charge your Twitter feed… photographically speaking.

So check out the infographic above to see who made the list, discover and follow some new talent, and then let us know in the comments if you feel there are any conspicuous absences.

(via Eyefi Blog)