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DHL Went to Hilarious Lengths to Ship This Tiny Nikon Battery Charger Safely


When we order camera gear, it’s expected that it will be packed and handled with care… but this is just absurd.

Uploaded to YouTube by user Ottar Gislason, the ready-made DHL commercial above shows how the shipping company decided to send this camera store a single Nikon MH65 battery charger in its box… that was taped to the bottom of another box… that was very securely strapped down onto its very own wooden palette.

If this is a real video and not some staged prank — this is the Internet after all — there are a few possible explanations for this.


Maaz Khan claims that packages shipped internationally through DHL are put on large wooden pallets so they’re not crushed by larger packages along the way (hence the high cost of international shipping).

An alternative explanation is actually cost savings. According to one commenter whose husband works in the freight industry:

Many companies have contracts with freight carriers, so whether they ship a full pallet or a single box on a pallet it’s all included. They do this instead of paying shipping for those less frequent small orders.


We prefer the far less likely ‘option three’ though: Nikon and DHL care THIS MUCH about your gear, and will go to extreme, even wasteful, lengths to protect it during shipping. A camera nerd can dream right?

If you have any insights into the reason for the overpacking, or if you can confirm the validity of this video, drop us a line in the comments down below.