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Oddly Captivating Time-Lapse of Ice Cream Melting Isn’t Nearly as Boring as You Think


You know the saying “that’s about as exciting as watching water boil?” Well, this time-lapse is about as exciting as watching ice cream melt… actually, it is exactly as exciting as watching ice cream melt — but that’s not nearly as banal as you might think it is.

Created by YouTube user Ilsoo Yang, the time-lapse is made up of various shots of frozen treats (often augmented with a bit of glitter) melting at an alarming rate. Or, if you live in Alabama, melting a teensy bit slower than your ice cream melts on a typical July or August day.

Sort of like the GoPro video of the inside of the dishwasher, we’re not certain why this seemingly absurd subject had us so captivated for two and a half minutes, but we’re okay with it.

(via Doobybrain)