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Craigslist Ad Seeks Digital Artist to Make it Look Like Abusive Boyfriend is Cheating



This is, bar none, the strangest Craigslist ad we have ever seen. In the past, the few ads we’ve shared typically involve people trying to hire photographers to work for free, but this is completely different.

Posted by a concerned family, they would like to hire a professional digital artist who can make it look like one of their relatives’ boyfriends is cheating. In other words, they would like you to insert this guy’s face into several pictures with another girl and make it look 100% believable.

The ad was posted to the Louisville, KY Craigslist 20 days ago, but it’s still live so we assume they haven’t found anybody good yet. Here’s how the poster describes the issue:

We’re trying to get one of our family members out of an abusive relationship. She won’t leave this guy for some reason, but in the end we’ve found out through talking to her and close friends that she’ll choose to leave him if he were to be caught with another girl. So oddly enough she won’t leave him because he’s abusive but he will leave him if he cheats on her. So the family has decided to try to find the perfect digital artist who could develop several photos using his face.


You can read the full post by clicking here. We’ve also uploaded a full-res screenshot in case the post goes down, which you can see by clicking on the photo above.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Chris!