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This is the First Photo Taken with the Sony Curved Sensor



Released in an article earlier today, what you see above is the first photograph taken with Sony’s revolutionary curved sensor. And while you can’t really tell much about the quality or any other specifics about the sensor from it, it’s still exciting to see that this tech isn’t just schematics on a piece of paper — it’s real and it works.

The picture was published by Nikkei alongside a few tidbits about the technology that you might want to take note of if you’re a Sony fan who wants to get your hands on this human eye-mimicking tech ASAP.

Much of what was shared we already knew. According to the article (Google translation here), the sensor was created to mimic eyes, which led to several advantages.

The sensor’s shape allows for cheaper smaller lenses with wider apertures while simultaneously getting rid of vignetting and aberrations. It also reduces the ‘dark current’ of the sensor (more on that here), thereby reducing noise.


But there was also information in the article that we didn’t know. For one, Sony said the first prototype curved sensor, which is ready for mass production, is not the same resolution as other Sony FF sensors — we’re going to be dealing with a lower res first version.

Another challenge mentioned in the article is that it is difficult to design zoom lenses “of high power” for the curved sensor. That bit lends credence to the idea that the first camera to feature this tech will be a fixed lens system like the RX 1 followup.

You can read the full translated version of the article by clicking here, and once you’ve done that be sure to drop your thoughts in the comments down below.

(via sonyalpharumors)