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An Interesting BTS Look at What It Takes to Be a Cave Photographer


It might not be one of the best-known or most popular genres of the trade, but cave photography is an actual thing… and it’s not easy.

In the behind the scenes video above, Knoxville-based photographer Chris Higgins shows us just how much dedication, discipline and dirt it takes to get incredible photographs of the mysterious worlds hidden within the Earth.

Teaming up with a few members of Joby, the crew heads out with Higgins to hike and spelunk their way to their destination — capturing the entire journey on a number of GoPros.

Crawling through crevices just small enough to squeeze a body through and repelling down hundreds of feet, this BTS look at what it takes to get that caving shot isn’t for the claustrophobic, but it does show just how much work and gear goes into this genre of photography.

And as you can see from the above Instagram post by Higgins, human bodies aren’t the only ones taking a beating: Lenses, camera bodies and flashes all seem to come back with little keepsakes from the journey.


The full video, which clocks in at just over seven minutes, is an extremely interesting watch whether or not you’re a fan of cave photography. So press play and embark on a daring adventure from the comfort of your desk chair.

And if you’d like to see a full list of the gear used, along with some more BTS photos, head on over to Joby’s blog post about the entire trip.

(via Imaging Resource)