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Rumor: Trusted Source Says Fuji’s X-Pro2 Will Use an APS-C Sensor, Not Full-Frame



One of Fuji Rumors‘ “trusted” Japanese sources is correcting previous speculation that Fuji is planning to go full-frame with the X-Pro2, which is great news for people who have invested in Fuji lenses, but bad news for anybody who has been holding out hope that the company would give larger sensors a try (well, there’s still the medium format rumors…).

The source didn’t share any further information with FR, but the rumor site made sure to cite this particular source’s credibility, so chances seem good that we won’t be seeing a full-frame X-Pro2 and the new lens mount that camera would entail.

As always, stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date if and when more interesting info is released or leaked.

(via Fuji Rumors)