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Why You Should Follow ‘Myspace Tom’ on Instagram



Almost all of us know him. In fact, he was probably our first friend at some point. His name? Tom Anderson — more affectionately referred to as Myspace Tom. As a co-founder of one of the first giants of social networking, Myspace, Anderson has had a hefty pile of cash to play around with since 2005 when he sold Myspace to News Corp. for $580 million.

So, what does he do with his time and funds? Well, as we revealed to you back in 2012, he takes photos… and pretty incredible ones at that.

While very few of them are shot with a mobile device like most of what comes across your Instagram feed, it’s apparent Myspace Tom has quite the eye for photography. He shares beautiful shots of everything from the caves of Laos to the Blood Moon that took place earlier this month.

As he told us when we interviewed him almost two years ago — an interview which, by the way, you should definitely read — he only picked up photography two and a half years ago, which makes this work seem that much more impressive and worth your time to check out.

Below is a collection of some of his most impressive Instagram posts. Take a look, give them a like, and if you like what you see, be sure to give him a follow.

If you’re looking for someone new to follow on Instagram or just want to check out some impressive photographs taken all around the world, ‘myspacetom’ is well worth a follow. In fact, I’m sure that he’d greatly appreciate it, considering he was your only friend at one point… seriously, you owe him.