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Gorgeous Video Captures a Day in the Life of Wildlife Photographer Asgeir Helgestad


It takes more than nice gear and a healthy dose of luck to be a good wildlife photographer, as Norwegian photographer Asgeir Helgestad knows all too well. “You have got to be a little bit [of an] animal psychologist,” he says, explaining that you have to understand how the animals will act, anticipate what they’re going to do, and know where they’re going to be.

Put together as part of a video series by RED, called RED Collective, this absolutely stunning five-minute video takes a bit of a behind the scenes look at why Helgestad became so enamored with wildlife photography and what it his he tries to share through his imagery.

It is not about getting as close as possible, but to capture the feeling of being there. I don’t want to just look into their world, I want to be a part of it.


Being a part of it and capturing that feeling of being right there is exactly what he does. Be sure to give the video a watch — specifically in HD and full screen — and if you’d like to keep up with Helgestad’s work, you can do so by heading over to his website or checking out his Vimeo profile.

(via Adventure Journal via Fstoppers)