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‘Bears On Stairs’ Is a Ridiculously Smooth Stop Motion Animated Video


Titled “Bears on Stairs,” this unbelievably smooth stop motion animation of 3D printed pieces was created by DBLG, a creative agency based out of London.

Meant as an experiment to just keep with being creative and have some fun, this particular project combined 3D animation (commonly referred to as CAD), 3D printing and stop motion animation. What makes this stand out from many other similar projects is just how smooth the final product looks, despite each frame consisting of a completely separate 3D printed piece.

From watching the video, it looks to me like there are roughly 40 separate pieces of the bear climbing the stairs. And although they seem to have markers on the screen to keep things consistent, keeping that many frames as stable and smooth as they did is downright astounding.

Give the quick video a watch, let us know what you think in the comments, and keep up with DBLG’s future projects over on their Vimeo page.

(via Devour via Dooby Brain)