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You Hate My Job: A BTS Look at The Life and Routine of a Paparazzi Photographer


In a new series of videos put together by Marketplace, You Hate My Job goes around and documents the occupations that often get a bad rap and are overall disliked by most of humanity. The first in the series follows a profession that is, without a doubt, one of the most hated (and possibly misunderstood) by the entire photo community: Paparazzi.

Following around paparazzo and owner of London Entertainment Group, Giles Harrison, the show gives us an inside look at the daily routine of a celebrity photographer. Tackling questions such as why he does it and what his thoughts are on the celebs that dislike paparazzi, he brings a very human element to a profession that often seems cold as ice.

It might not melt your heart or all of a sudden make you consider taking up a job as a paparazzo — although Harrison’s salary of “high six figures” certainly sounds nice — but it’s well worth six and a half minutes of your time.

And if you want more details — including 11 extremely interesting facts put together by Marketplace while creating this video — head on over to the original article.

(via Marketplace)