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Pro Photographer Shows Off the Nikon 1 V3’s Sports Photography Chops


If you go by first impressions and reader comments, the Nikon 1 V3 has about one-third of people excited, one-third skeptical, and one-third annoyed and wondering why anyone is excited at all. If you happen to fall into the first two of these categories, the video above from Nikon Europe might interest you.

Since it is a promotional video put together by Nikon and featuring a Nikon photographer, this isn’t what we’d call an unbiased behind the scenes review. But it is a great demo of how the 20fps continuous shooting with AF works in the kind of sports photography situations where amateurs and pros alike will hope that it shines.


The video also makes Nikon’s marketing strategy for the V3 clear: forget consumers, this is a professional-grade camera. That was already hinted at by the price point and press release lingo, but Bell constantly mentioning its DSLR-like capabilities and using it with massive lenses attached leaves little doubt.

Check out the video at the top to get Bell’s (not at all biased…) impressions and then let us know what you think in the comments down below.

(via ISO 1200)