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Light Painter Puts the Lumia 1020 Through Its Paces, Shows You How to Do It Too


Nokia recently teamed up with light painting photographer Ian Hobson to prove to the world that a smartphone as advanced as the 1020 was capable of capturing awesome light painting shots. The resulting video is part tutorial, part inspirational, part Nokia ad — and if you can ignore the last part, the first two make it well worth a couple minutes of your time.

The Lumia 1020 is particularly well suited for light painting photography among smartphones because of the amount of manual control the camera gives you. By changing a few settings and investing in a little gorilla pod you can start to experiment with light painting even if your phone is your only camera for now.

You can check out the video at the top to see what settings exactly you should use, but there’s a lot more information available if you head over to the Nokia Conversations blog. Nokia sat down with Hobson and asked him about the experience of using the Lumia 1020 for light painting and even had him list out some additional tips for those who want to give it a shot.

So watch the video or click here to learn more directly from Hobson, and then pay the Nokia Instagram account a visit to see some of the final shots Hobson came up with using the 1020 out in the wild.

(via ISO 1200)