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Samyang Looks to Have Canceled Plans for a 50mm f/1.2



About a year ago, Samyang took to Facebook and confirmed that a 50mm f/1.2 was on the roadmap, and would quite possibly see the light of day sometime in 2014. Well, if you’ve been holding out for that release, hoping that a third-party 50mm f/1.2 option would arrive, you might have been waiting for nothing.

According to PhotoRumors, nobody called “no take backs” and so Samyang seems to have scrapped plans for the lens. In reply to a request for update posed on the Samyang-Asia Facebook page, a rep wrote, “The 50mm f/1.2 is not realising.”

Perhaps a language barrier is a work here and they just meant it’s not out yet, but the message seems quite clear: For now, those in the market for a 50mm f/1.2 will have to go name brand.