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Cheesy Polaroid Novelty Product Doles Out Cheese Slices Instead of Instant Pictures



We’re big fans of cheesy, photo-related novelty products like lens clocks and speakers that look like a Canon DSLR. But when it comes to cheesy, the Polaroid-like Say Cheese Instant Slicer just took the cake… or cheese.

This little Polaroid look-a-like is actually a cheese slicer that dices up your favorite block of lactose, providing you with instant cheese slices instead of instant pictures. The slicer is selling over on GamaGo, where it will only cost you $10 to begin slicing your own cheesy memories.

As Chance Kinney over at Chip Chick so appropriately pointed out: “Finally, after all these years of yelling cheese at cameras, someone is actually going to give you what you want.”

(via Chip Chick via Gizmodo)