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New York Photographer Steals Photos to Earn Business, Says That’s ‘Called Biz’


The new Jwarstyle wedding portfolio.

Purloining somebody else’s photos to promote your photography business has become depressingly common lately, but occasionally a new cretin comes forward to push the practice to a new level of sadness.

So witness Jwarstyle, a New York-based photographer recently outed on Photo Stealers for filling his online portfolio with wedding shots somebody else took. Not a particularly novel offense, but what makes Jay (last name as yet unknown) a groundbreaker is the way he responded.

Instead of the usual denial/shame/blame/apology routine, the photographer promptly started a tweet war in which he essentially did the “I know you are but what am I?” routine with anyone who called him out. Except with a lot more bragging and name-calling.

ScreenHunter_289 Jan. 16 11.20

The marquee comment is the above justification innovation: “stealing is whn it hurts your biz douchebag. Using ur pics to get more biz isn’t using your pics. It’s called “biz.”

But there’s much more tragicomic gold if you keep scrolling:

  • That’s right and then he gets s**t loads of traffic!!! Woot woot! Why deny it if you can brag about it? Lol keep it up ha
  • I rather be a thief w a talent than a none talented photographer like yourself ;)
  • Making it happen at all costs. Love it or hate it, jwarstyle lives outside your http little worlds
  • Actually let me get some of your pictures. Oh wait. No… Can’t use em. Too crappy.
  • Good news — life isn’t a guillotine. You can always rebrand. Stay positive, Dont be a troll
  • I rather look at your wife and feel sad for her. Cause she has a looser husband. Don’t reproduce!
  • The world we live in, big nosy pathetic empty excuses for human beings, clown? Want to laugh? Look at ur work
  • That sounded deep. You should write a book. Behind closed doors where no one can see or find you.
  • Another great douchebag with no life. With horrible camera skills busted!
  • 1. I removed the photos. 2. And apologize? You’re askin for little too much this isn’t a lunchroom dummy
  • Hey if someone used 1 of my pics I wouldn’t be crying like a little girl & posting on twitter
  • It’s more plagiarizing than stealing dumb ****. Get it straight!
  • Why do I need to grow up? So I can be sad and old and use twitter for useless fights with strangers

Jay did eventually come around to remove the purloined images (he essentially nuked the weddings portfolio page) and post a more-or-less apology on his blog, but anyone worried about his self-esteem taking a hit can rest easy.

(via Photo Stealers via Imaging Resource)