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Compile a Personal ‘Best Of’ Video From Your 2013 Instagram Posts with Statigram

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Maybe you thought year-end ‘best-of’ lists were only for desperate journalists trying to survive the holiday news doldrums or news agencies looking to wow you with the photographs they compiled over the course of the year. Au contraire.

Instagram tracking service Statigram has a nifty new service that compiles a short video from the five most popular photos in your Instagram account over the past year. Just like the big photographers do… more or less.

The only catch is that you’ll need to connect your Instagram account to Statigram, but that’s not such a bad thing. The account will provide you with all sorts of valuable metrics on your Instagram use and traffic, which are particularly useful if you’re using Instagram to promote a business.

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Once you’ve signed up, you just have to look for the invitation to compile a “best of 2013” clip. Statigram will do the analyzing and, after a little bit of time, mail you the completed video.

You’ll then need to add the clip to your Instagram feed and consider adding the #memostatigram hashtag, currently attached to about 129,000 clips showing everything from honest-to-God art to remarkably duplicative selfies.

Try it yourself for a quick and cool addition to your New Year’s routine or browse through some of those 129,000 clips by clicking here.

(via Statigram via Mashable)

1 Comment