Tommy Edison: Instagrammer, Film Critic, and Blind Since Birth

Tommy Edison is an incredible person. Born blind, he has managed to lead a successful, fulfilling life as a film critic, receiving national attention for his spot on reviews of movies like “Water for Elephants.” But in addition to successfully reviewing a genre most would consider to be in the domain of the sighted, Mr. Edison is also a prolific Instagram user.


Going by his universal moniker blindfilmcritic, Edison has managed to amass almost 2,500 followers on the image sharing service, producing photos that often make the rest of us look bad. Using his iPhone’s accessibility features, he’s able to take pictures, apply filters, and share his experience of the world in yet another way.


The best part, however, is that even though he many not be able to see the photos he’s taking, in this way he too gets to experience them. By having his iPhone read the comments to him, he gets a description of the work he’s creating.

To learn more about Thommy Edison you can visit his website, check out some of his recent film reviews, or, of course, go scroll through the 182 photos on his Instagram account.

P.S. Here’s a video that was making the rounds lately — it shows Tommy sharing his thoughts on the subject of color: