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Lenstag Unveils All New Mobile Apps, One Step Closer to Ending Camera & Lens Theft



Lenstag‘s stated goal is to put a stop to camera and lens theft, and for that reason alone photographers love them. The service is basically an online registry where you can securely document all of the gear you own and, in the event the unthinkable happens, report it as stolen and make it much more difficult for the thieves to sell that piece of gear.

But Lenstag creator Trevor Sehrer wasn’t done when he debuted the website — which you can learn a lot more about here. Last week Lenstag took another step towards the company goal when it released brand new iOS and Android apps.

The purpose of the app is simply to make it that much easier to register, verify and report gear stolen. Unless you’re Dilish Parekh, documenting all of your gear with Lenstag shouldn’t take you more than 30min to an hour using the app, and once you’re done you have a secure and verified record of all of your serial numbers.


In addition to registering and verifying your gear, the app will also allow you to transfer gear to other Lenstag users if you sell it, check gear you’re buying against their stolen gear database and quickly (one click quickly) report gear as stolen if you happen to be the victim of theft.

As with the website, the apps and service behind them are 100% free and clear to use. To download it for yourself and help Lenstag get that much closer to its goal of preventing theft by making it so difficult to resell stolen gear that it’s no longer worth stealing it in the first place, head over to the iTunes App Store and/or Google Play by following the corresponding links.