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Anti-Theft Service Lenstag Can Now Help You Stop Gear AND Image Theft

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We’re big fans of anybody who helps to stop gear theft, and so naturally, we’ve always been big fans of the free service Lenstag. Initially unproven, the service made its first recovery a couple of months ago, and as its database of registered gear expands, it can only get better.

But Lenstag isn’t just resting on its laurels and waiting for that moment to come, content with what it has achieved. No, the service is branching out with an awesome new feature that will help you keep track of unauthorized use of your images as well!

The idea of integrating this feature came about somewhat accidentally when Lenstag creator Trevor Sehrer’s wife, Alexandria Huff, had some flashes stolen a couple months ago and accidentally marked her camera as stolen, too.

“She got an alert from Lenstag Rescue when it found her camera and noticed that one of the images linked in the alert was on some random person’s blog (credited but still taken without permission),” Sehrer tells us. “So that’s where I got the idea to turn this functionality on for everyone since it can help recover stolen images, too.”


The new feature launched last night and is built-in to the iOS and Android apps, as well as Lenstag’s website. It uses the same system that the service has always used to find your gear, only this time Lenstag Rescue will let you see where it found images taken with your gear.

And, of course, as with all things Lenstag, it is free.

To learn more about the service, head over to Lenstag or update your Lenstag iOS and/or Android app. And if you’d like to help Lenstag continue to get better, download and install the service’s Chrome extension by clicking here.

1 Comment