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First Leaked Photos of the Nikon D3300



It seems like we just got done with a round of leaks and rumor frenzy that had everyone in speculation overload, but now we have something coming out of the Nikon camp — or rather leaking out of the Nikon camp: the first photos (if legit) of the Nikon D3300.

The photos were sent to Nikon Rumors by an anonymous tipster and as rumors go they don’t give us much to go on, just a couple of pictures that look a whole lot like the D3200 before it. Of course, the big improvements could be hiding under that shell.

Here’s the only other photo (just a closer crop) the tipster sent in:


NR doesn’t expect the D3300 to drop in 2013 — the D3200 was announced in April of this year, so it’s still a bit early — but it is entirely possible Nikon is gearing up to announce the shooter at CES in January.

Stay tuned and we’ll be sure to update you if and when any reliable specs/photos come down the rumor pipeline.

(via Photography Bay)