Joe McNally, Lynn Goldsmith and Bob Krist on Shooting with the Nikon Df

First comes hype, then comes the announcement, and last comes the post-release marketing. In regards to the Nikon Df, we’ve officially moved into the last of those three steps, and right on cue, Nikon has released three videos of big time photographers endorsing the Df by talking about their experiences shooting with it.

The three photogs in question are Joe McNally, Lynn Goldsmith and Bob Krist, and in the videos embedded here, each offer their unique view on the Nikon Df and what it feels like shooting with a modern DSLR that is trying its best to do justice to the F, F3 and FM/FE series Nikons of old.

All three photogs wax eloquent about their experiences in the old days of film, later tying those experiences into how they feel when holding/using the Df camera:

Of course, this is an ad at its core, and so at times it seems a bit contrived even as the photogs are speaking off-the-cuff. Still, it’s interesting to get three perspectives on the Df from people who were all Nikon F-Series users in the past.

Advertisement or not, they can speak with confidence on how well the Df truly combined the two worlds of film and high-end digital. And even if you’re not interested in what they have to say about the Df, there’s some inspirational tidbits there that make the videos a worthy watch nonetheless.

So check out the ads above to see what these big wigs have to say about the Df, and feel free to let us know what you think afterwards by dropping us a line in the comments.

(via ISO 1200)