Greg Heisler Offers Tips on Getting Hired, Lighting and Relating to Subjects

A few days ago, we stumbled on a new set of short interviews with portrait photography master Gregory Heisler that cover everything from lighting, to relating with your subjects, to getting creative, to (and we know you’re all interested in this one) getting hired.

The videos were put together by the folks over at Photo District News and even at only a few minutes a piece, they’re so full of unadulterated awesome we just couldn’t share one over the others. So we said “to heck with it” and decided to share them all.

At the top we get Mr. Heisler’s advice on lighting while below we’ve embedding the videos on Relating to Subjects, Getting Hired and how he specifically shot a portrait of former NYC Mayer Rudy Giuliani:

As you can see, each one is packed to the gills with great advice. It’s not technical stuff — he’s not telling you where to set up your beauty dishes or what camera settings to use in any given situation — his advice goes deeper, informing the creative process.

From how he is always taking note of creative lighting in the real world, to his advice on engaging with your subjects in a way that is true to who you are, to understanding that getting hired often has far less to do with your portfolio and more to do with your personality.

We won’t give everything away, but don’t skip over these. In less than 10 minutes you’ll get inspiration to last you through the rest of this year, and advice that is absolutely timeless.

(via DEVELOP Tube)