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The Bonzart Lit is a Fun and Affordable Tiny Toy Camera



The Bonzart Lit should look somewhat familiar since we shared its big brother, the Ampel, with you back in June. But even though the toy camera-style design is the same, the two cameras offer very different experiences.

The Ampel was a not-quite-toy camera with a tilt-shift lens built in, whereas the Lit is a very-much-toy camera that offers a fun and strictly non-professional photo experience on the cheap.


In some ways, Bonzart made this little digital shooter as simple as they possibly could. It comes equipped with only 3MP of resolution and a fixed focus pinhole lens that translates into slow shutter speeds and noticeable vignetting.

Given all that, it’s fascinating that Bonzart would see fit to equip the tiny toy cam with exposure control (up to + or -6); a choice between spot, center or multi metering modes; Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Flourescent and Tungsten white balance settings; a timer, tripod mounting hole and burst mode.

Additionally, the expected filtering options are also available, including B&W, Sepia and Negative, as well as Red, Green or Blue tints.


Obviously you’re not going to buy the Bonzart Lit if your purpose is high quality shots, but the little guy might make a surprisingly capable addition to a toy camera collection.

If you want to learn more or snag one up for yourself, head over to AC Gears and be ready to drop $40 for either a Red, Black, Blue, White or Pink model. You’ll also want to pick up a microSD card, as one does not come included with the camera.

(via The New York Times)