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Drag-and-Drop Web App Lets You Mess With Glitching Your JPGs



For some reason, corrupting photos has become something of a thing recently. From the Gliché App for iPhone we shared a few months ago to Doctor Popular’s glitched ethereal double exposures, people are trying more and more to turn digital corruption into art.

Well, if you’re curious and want to give it a shot yourself, developer Georg Fischer has a quick and easy solution for you.

It’s called the “Image Glitch Experiment,” and it’s a web app that lets you corrupt your JPGs to varying degrees and then export the result. Inspired by developer Soulwire’s experiment “Smack My Glitch Up,” the app allows you to mess with four parameters: the glitch amount, the seed, the number of iterations and the quality of the JPG.


Once you’ve simply dragged and dropped your desired image into the browser window, changing any of these four parameters using the given sliders will alter how the image reacts to corruption. “This script corrupts some bytes in a jpg image,” writes Fischer, “[but] because of the way jpg encoding works, the corrupted file still shows something.”

If you wanna play around with it yourself, head over to the web app by clicking here. And if you’d like to learn more about the developer or see what all else he has to offer, you can find more info over on his website.

(via Boing Boing)