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Debunking 12 Common Photography Myths


Photographers Tony and Chelsea Northrup made this 30-minute video in which they discuss and debunk 12 different photography myths that photographers widely believe.

Here are the 12 questions/topics discussed in the video:

  1. Should you fully discharge your battery to avoid a memory effect?
  2. Will deleting pictures in-camera corrupt your SD card?
  3. Do UV filters really improve image quality?
  4. Do higher megapixels really equal more noise?
  5. Do medium format cameras really have better “compression”?
  6. Is raw processing really better on your PC than in your camera?
  7. Can you edit JPGs?
  8. Do you really need to turn off image stabilization on a tripod?
  9. Are lenses really sharpest at the f/8 “sweet spot”?
  10. Is manual focus more accurate?
  11. Does Canon really have the best color science?
  12. Are memory card failures caused by bad brands or user error?

For further reading, here’s an investigation into “lens compression” and a discussion on 5 myths of digital photography.

(via Tony and Chelsea Northrup via Fstoppers)