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Pressy: A Universal Android Button That Lets You Shoot & Share Pics in a Snap



There probably aren’t a lot of people out there who would complain that taking pictures on their smartphone is inconvenient. Often, accessing the camera is a quick click or swipe away, and taking a picture another. Pressy takes it to the next level, however, by letting Android users do all of that and more with just a series of pre-programmed taps.

Pressy is a tiny little touch button that slides into the headphone jack of any Android phone (Gingerbread or later). Using the accompanying app, users can then program a ton of commands using a combination of short and long taps. To say the least, the idea is a hit.

The Kickstarter campaign the creators of Pressy launched more than doubled its $40,000 goal in less than 24 hours, and is currently sitting at $252,000 and climbing… fast. Here’s the Pressy Kickstarter video:

As you can see, the functionality of Pressy goes beyond the photographic, but the ability to take a photo instantly using a certain tap combination, and then send it to this or that social network right away with another is pretty ingenious.

The smartphone photographers who are always just a second away from catching that perfect moment — maybe the second it took to swipe or click open the camera app — no longer have to worry. Just set taking a picture as double tap and you’ll always be a split second away from capturing the shot.

Even if you have headphones in, the Pressy app will still work. Just use the button on your headphone controller the same way you would use Pressy.


The Kickstarter has 44 more days left to go, which means you still have a month and a half to get a Pressy for $17 ($25 if you want the keychain holster) or pony up $1,000 for access to the API if you’re the programming type. Click here to find out more or make your pledge.

Once the campaign ends, the developers have promised to deliver Pressy to you within four months.

(via Engadget)