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Photographer Flies His Drone Camera Into the Groom’s Head During a Bridal Shoot

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Looking to incorporate drone photography and videography into your wedding photo packages? Make sure you’re a pro at flying the drone before getting it anywhere near your clients.

The video above is an example of what can happen if you’re not.

It was uploaded to YouTube earlier this month by a wedding photographer who goes by WeddingMan123. In the description, he states that he was using a DJI Phantom aerial drone quadcopter that had a GoPro camera mounted to it.

The drone camera that was being used
The drone camera that was being used

The bridal shoot was being done two days prior to the actual wedding, and the photographer was attempting to do some flybys of the bride and groom near the beginning of the shoot. After doing one successful flyby, the photographer decided to bring it around for another pass.

The second time was not the charm.

WeddingMan123 says he “underestimated the lift time,” and ended up flying the drone camera directly into the side of the groom’s face. The impact resulted in a cut on the man’s cheek and another on the side of his head.

Too late to pull up.
Too late to pull up.

“I felt horrible,” WeddingMan123 writes. Luckily for him, the couple laughed it off, cleaned up, and continued with the shoot. Afterward, they even requested that the video be uploaded to the Web.

We’re guessing WeddingMan123 will be putting in a little more practice before attempting another bridal shoot drone flyby.

(via Gizmodo via Imaging Resource)

1 Comment