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Wedding Photo of a Bride on the Side of a Mountain… With a Double Rainbow



Want to snap a memorable bridal photo? Just have her pose on the side of a mountain, and then capture a double rainbow in the background. That’s what Alaskan wedding photographer Josh Martinez did yesterday, resulting in the incredible image above.

Martinez is a senior wedding photographer at Chugach Peaks Photography in Anchorage, Alaska, and does about 60-80 shoots per year, including his own portraiture and commercial work.

Yesterday, Martinez took a couple named Megan and Zach up to the top of Mount Alyeska using an aerial tram. On the way up, they noticed a rainbow appear for a brief moment over the valley. The photographer decided to position his subject on the side of a hill and wait and see whether the rainbow would return.

The gamble (and patience) paid off. An “epic double rainbow” appeared in the exact same location over the valley, and Martinez was ready with his camera.

A closer crop of the resulting photo
A closer crop of the resulting photo

“I was stoked to see that we’d actually pulled off this shot,” he tells us.

It’s now one of the favorite images of his career, and he has a clever caption to go along with it: “We guarantee double rainbows on your wedding day.”

Image credit: Photograph by Josh Martinez/Chugach Peaks Photography and used with permission