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Who’s A Good Model? You Are! You Are! PetziConnect is a Remote Dog Cam

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ScreenHunter_75 Jul. 29 11.39

Is your dog acting too normally? Then it’s time to confuse the heck out of him with PetziConnect, a stationary doggie camera that lets owners see their pets remotely, talk to them, and dispense treats.


In development by startup Petzila, the device plugs into a wall socket and connects with your smartphone, tablet or Web browser via home WiFi. Log in, and you have a two-way audio and video connection with the device.

ScreenHunter_73 Jul. 29 11.34

You shout Come here, boy!” into your phone, the dog hears your voice and he comes running to the camera. At that point you can

A) Grab a photo of your pet with a “What kind of cruel trick is this” expression on his face, with links for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, et al.

B) Command a doggie treat to drop from the unit’s slobber-resistant, fang-proof dispenser and see if Pavlov was right.

C) Pass the phone around to your friends as real-time proof that your dog really is smarter.

PetziCOnnect has already surpassed its $30,000 fundraising goal on Indiegogo and expects to have product ready for the market by this December. Projected price is $170, but funders get one for $99.

(via TechCrunch)


1 Comment