Lenstag Now Has Disposable Verification Links for Used Camera Gear Sales


Lenstag generated quite a bit of buzz last week by introducing a service that aims to crack down on gear theft by making it easier to track and report stolen gear. The service is now getting a new feature that will further add trust to the used gear buying process: disposable verification links for individual items.

The feature is designed to give sellers some trustworthiness and buyers some reassurance. It lets sellers create a temporary link with just a click:


This link can be shared on public pages as a way to show that the piece of gear being sold is actually owned by the seller. It can be added to a Craigslist listing’s description, for example:


Interested buyers can click the link and see a page on Lenstag that confirms ownership:


Once the verification page is no longer needed, it can be easily removed with another couple of clicks:


Other new features added since launch include the ability to delete public gear listing pages, short url for gear pages, and the ability to export gear lists as CSV files.

Developer and founder Trevor Sehrer tells us that his service has seen quite a bit of use since opening up to the public on July 14th. Photographers from 73 different countries have signed up and have added roughly $15 million dollars worth of verified gear to the database.

Sehrer says that many photographers are using the service to register everything they have in their gear bags, the bags themselves, and even certain items outside the gear bags as well. These include phones, laptops, tablets, and even a Mac Pro desktop computer.

Image credit: On Reflection by byJoeLodge