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Viewfinder App Helps You Organize, Find, and Share Photos on Your iPhone

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Viewfinder iOS App 1

Chances are that over time you’ve accumulated a good amount of photos on that iPhone of yours, and that makes it rather difficult to find that image from that one time your auntie fell in the swimming pool after one too many cocktails.

Using the metadata attached to each of those images, though, a relatively new app called Viewfinder aims to making organizing, finding and sharing your images, well, easier.

Using the app, users are able to search for images by date and even by the location where they were taken. And if sharing is your thing, Viewfinder allows users to share photos with whomever they wish, and allows them to star photos, chat about them, and just generally keep track of your pals’ photos. It’s like a mini-NSA right in your pocket. That’s a joke.

Viewfinder iOS App 2

So what you’re getting is an iPhoto-like buffed up version of what the stock photos application in iOS should probably be. It should be noted that you need to create an account to use the application, which is understandably a turn-off for a lot of users. If you can wait, it looks like iOS 7 is bringing some promising enhancements to the stock photos app. It’s due out later this year.

Viewfinder iOS App 3

You can download Viewfinder free of charge from the App Store.

(via Lifehacker)

1 Comment